I found a “silver lining” to our shelter at home for Covid-19

I am counting my blessings no matter how I find them. I am my loved one with dementia’s guardian and health care advocate. I attend all medical appointments and her care is coordinated with me. There are several health issues that have been monitored by blood tests; glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol etc. Her doctors expressed concernContinue reading “I found a “silver lining” to our shelter at home for Covid-19″

Sunburned? Maybe tea will help……

It is amazing how the brain manages memories. My loved one with dementia is impacted with very poor short term memory. Some parts of a new event, a thought, a discussion etc. may be stored. Sometimes not at all. Often times missing parts are confabulated and they are very real to her. Her long termContinue reading “Sunburned? Maybe tea will help……”