I am not taking NO for an answer when it comes to my loved one’s health

It is exhausting mentally and physically managing healthcare for loved ones and keeping them safe! In addition to my loved one with dementia, I assist my 91 year old dad. He continues to live alone in the home I grew up in. He is doing well and has been adhering to the shelter at homeContinue reading “I am not taking NO for an answer when it comes to my loved one’s health”

Hurry up and wait….

My loved one living at an assisted living had to be tested for the Covid19 virus. Testing was arranged, I hurried to get all the needed permissions for the Primary Care office and then we waited. We waited 5 days to hear results. The test was negative. Years ago I had a biopsy. A routineContinue reading “Hurry up and wait….”

Mask (recipe) swap????

I will be brief this week….have to share this…. If you have not been making masks you probably know someone who has been sewing and/or you’ve been given perhaps even purchased a hand-made mask. A mask so you can protect others from the Covid-19 virus when in public. I have sewn several masks but hadContinue reading “Mask (recipe) swap????”

Alone in a room full of people

Have you ever felt alone despite being in a room full of people? Although I have not recently experienced that, I have in my past. As we enter our sixth week of “stay at home” protocol, I am finding the Covid-19 virus has entered my circle of family and friends. It does not surprise meContinue reading “Alone in a room full of people”

A new normal

A quick search on “new normal” and you will find numerous discussions. I think it is best described as “a previously unusual occurrence that has become commonplace”. In my lifetime the phrase has been used: after 9/11 to describe the security changes exemplified with travel restrictions; loss of job security as manufacturing moved to lowContinue reading “A new normal”