It’s summer and I am remembering from childhood…

Our summer has just started officially. It is a little past 5:43pm Eastern Standard time which is the summer solstice on June 20, 2020. I decided to make this year’s event memorable even if I celebrate quietly. I can’t remember the last time I paid to attention to the actual time of the summer solstice.Continue reading “It’s summer and I am remembering from childhood…”

Alone in a room full of people

Have you ever felt alone despite being in a room full of people? Although I have not recently experienced that, I have in my past. As we enter our sixth week of “stay at home” protocol, I am finding the Covid-19 virus has entered my circle of family and friends. It does not surprise meContinue reading “Alone in a room full of people”

A new normal

A quick search on “new normal” and you will find numerous discussions. I think it is best described as “a previously unusual occurrence that has become commonplace”. In my lifetime the phrase has been used: after 9/11 to describe the security changes exemplified with travel restrictions; loss of job security as manufacturing moved to lowContinue reading “A new normal”

Struggling with the term “retired”

I am struggling with the term retired. The on-line dictionaries define the adjective retired as “left one’s job and cease to work.”  I prefer “having concluded one’s working or professional career.” Even that does not suit me perfectly. I tried the thesaurus and that only served to make matters worse with words such as “aged, gone,Continue reading “Struggling with the term “retired””