I relate to parents of school age children returning to the classroom and COVID19

My loved one with dementia is scheduled to return to adult day health next week. As her guardian I need to sign a document in the presence of the management. Although I agreed to do so, I have not done it. I received phone call reminders and just this morning an email reminding me. IContinue reading “I relate to parents of school age children returning to the classroom and COVID19”

My thoughts and a knee jerk reaction

I had a thought provoking discussion this morning. We were discussing our thoughts and how they create our feelings. I had missed a meeting and my knee jerk thought was “I screwed up” and that thought caused me to feel disorganized. The thought did not go away and I started to feel anxious. The moreContinue reading “My thoughts and a knee jerk reaction”

I found a “silver lining” to our shelter at home for Covid-19

I am counting my blessings no matter how I find them. I am my loved one with dementia’s guardian and health care advocate. I attend all medical appointments and her care is coordinated with me. There are several health issues that have been monitored by blood tests; glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol etc. Her doctors expressed concernContinue reading “I found a “silver lining” to our shelter at home for Covid-19″

Independence Day has new meaning for me

It is July 4th and in the US we celebrate our declaration of “independence” from England. For those history buffs: Americans celebrate independence on July 4th, the date shown on the much-publicized Declaration of Independence, rather than on July 2nd, the date the resolution of independence was approved in a closed session of Congress. ButContinue reading “Independence Day has new meaning for me”

Sunburned? Maybe tea will help……

It is amazing how the brain manages memories. My loved one with dementia is impacted with very poor short term memory. Some parts of a new event, a thought, a discussion etc. may be stored. Sometimes not at all. Often times missing parts are confabulated and they are very real to her. Her long termContinue reading “Sunburned? Maybe tea will help……”