The only constant is change

It is October 1st

The hummingbirds that frequent my feeders have long gone.

The Gold Finches are no longer bright gold.

Locally the leaves are turning fast, up north the color is spectacular.

We had the heat on several times last month.

Will be putting summer furniture away for the winter.

Daylight hours are fewer.

My early morning walks require a flashlight for safety.

Sunsets are earlier.

Evening walks with the dog require a flashlight.

I prefer soups over salads now.

My dad is 91 and still lives on his own.

He is amazing but things are getting harder for him now.

My sister is 58 and early on-set dementia is requiring more assistance.

She is safe and I think happy.

My caregiving hours are increasing.

I love my family and would not have it any other way.

HartFelt wishes for a wonderful change of seasons.